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Clit kissing explained. She Says, “Cliss Me Right HERE!”


Deep Throating and how to stop the gag reflex. Deep Throat How-To Exercises + (!)


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Self Hypnosis suggestion to love it and no gag reflex. Learn Self Hypnosis & Make It Easy!


Sex Positions – Piles of photos. Positions Guide, X-Rated Photos


Sex Furniture you can buy or build


From Our Lesson #6


We’ll begin to cover “Phalophagia -The Fine Art of Oral Pleasuring A Man.”


·        I’ll begin with the emotional side of the discussion because it is so extensive and pervasive in American and British society.

·        You’ll find a few helpful links from other experts on video, and two recommended books you may choose to buy.

·        What about worship through sex? I’ll take you to some of those thoughts and histories, -- places you may never have known before among ancient and modern peoples. Who knew anthropology was so lascivious? We’ll take you from here to Ancient Babylon and even earlier to Ancient India, Tibet and China. You’ll understand the deepest meanings of sexual connection in the attempt the ancients made to touch the heavens. We’ll launch into some psychosexual and theo-sexual history. As a hint, it’s probably true that girls have been sucking guys for the past 100,000 years!

·        Should women do this? I’ll show you arguments that it is indeed healthy for both genders and possibly was even recommended in The Bible! I’ll bet your clergy never told you that.

·        You’ll discover the many biological, healthy and emotional reasons why many women naturally are drawn to sucking cock and swallowing crème. What’s in that stuff anyway? You’ll find out, and discover why she wants and even needs it! What’s in that stuff? Why does it taste the way it does, and ….

·        How oral sex pleasuring might be the key to the survival of humankind in a world populated by over 7-Billion of us.

·        Did your English teacher explain that Shakespeare loved it too? I will, and I’ll document the information.

·        Then we’ll move into a few best oral sex positions, illustrated of course. Verbose descriptions never can explain so well as photos can.

·        What could a woman say while dancing in public that would make her husband want to spend more time with her, and less time out with ‘the boys.?” These are secrets revealed even Cosmo magazine never told you!

If you and he aren’t together very much any longer, maybe I’ve got the key reasons and the obvious answer about what to do to reverse that trend and give you the pleasure and attention you need and want.

It’s pretty obvious much of the public is quietly curious about genital size, so I’ll show you the data about normal, abnormal, and how men and women feel about the subject.

·        What about oversized penises and oversized breasts? How common are they and what do you do with them? I’ll help you get a good grip on the problem and I’ll include charts and listed scientific measurements from all over the world to help satisfy your curiosity.

I’ll drop some more hot information about how the man can continue to please his woman for minutes, even hours until she’s totally satisfied, and what women must do to take the best of orgasmic pleasure for themselves.


·        What do you know about warming a woman’s heart? I’ll tell you what no one has until now.

·        What happens when you focus on a woman’s physical imperfections? Here’s some advice you need to hear.

·        Do you undress and climb into bed or do you know how to undress her and yourself with flair, style and finesse? I’ll teach you how to be the most charming man in the bedroom any woman ever had a day dream about.

·        What is this word “frigid?” What does it mean and what is the right approach to the subject. I’ll tell you all about it on page 7

·        You’ll begin to discover the breathtaking beauty and artistry in love making and attitudes about love.

·        We’ll launch into a LOT more about oral Pleasuring techniques including movements, positions, shapes and exercises for your tongue! Who else is teaching you that for the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich?

·        Why you should Pay No Attention if a woman who tells you, “I’ve never cum more than once with a man.”

The discussion about oral pleasures expands into extremely valuable and superior skills allowing you to please a woman before you enter her pussy. When you understand this she will naturally move into multiple orgasms without any particular fantastic techniques required. Your body is properly equipped with what you need. You do not need a gigantic penis to succeed. You need the right understandings.

   The Best Positions for Clitoral Stimulation

   The Hypersensitive Clitoris and how to deal with and handle it

    Some comments and photos about best positions for sex and pleasuring the clitoris

    The most pleasure sensitive parts of the clitoris and vagina

    Cultivating Her Desire For Regular Powerful Orgasmic Release




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