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Imagine one product you could reach for and 90% of the time it could "cure" nearly anything troubling you, the kids or your pets.

There's a long discussion about herbs for healing woven through the Bible too.  Among the list of most potent curative herbs is Oil of Wild Oregano


The Golden Herbal Panacea

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano


Considering the changes in the atmosphere, new strains of drug resistant bacteria, and the spread of pathogens by shipping, and movement of people and animals world wide, we confront a modern "germ warfare" every day. Medical doctors quietly admit to being powerless in the face of some pathogens. Worse...


The efficacy of some of their medicines is unknown, unproven, non-science. Often their Physicians Desk References lists a product as "possibly effective" or "probably effective." The latest experiments a few doctors are doing with cancer chemotherapy sounds like nothing less than torture until death!


For some of us, home remedies and self-care is preferable.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This statement is placed exclusively for the purpose of a legal disclaimer.


Antibiotic resistant bacteria, killer influenza, inexplicable viruses, even food poisoning and other ailments have been said to yield after the application of Wild Mediterranean Oregano oil. Oregano oil has proven itself in lab testing against the "germs" that cause common illnesses. Even antibiotic resistant mutant bacterial strains died in the presence of Oil of Wild Oregano.


Known properties of Oil of Wild Oregano:

Immune modulator















Digestive Aid

More unexplored Uses



Reported Applications:


Directions: The product can feel very hot, as if it's burning a hole through your tongue. Diluting it 1 drop of Oregano Oil to 4 drops extra virgin olive oil is recommended. Start with 8 drops of diluted oil under the tongue 2 to 3 times daily. Hold under tongue a minute or two to increase absorption. A sensation of heat is common. Swish around in the mouth to reduce plaque and treat gum disease. Dosage levels may be slowly increased over a few weeks to a maximum of 4-6 drops up to 6x daily in cases of stubborn health challenges. Take immediately at the first symptom of a cold or flu; take a couple of drops every hour and drink lots of water. Treat Candida infection gradually, starting with low dosages and slowly increasing to maximum dosages over a two week time frame. Add to questionable drinking water to kill pathogens.


Children: For ease of use avoid oral administration of Oregano oil in children under eight. Rub a drop or two on the soles of the feet and/or dilute 3x with olive oil to rub along the spine. Place a few drops on a tissue or cloth so that the vapor is breathed while the patient sleeps. This is helpful for colds, flu and chest congestion.


For earaches rub a drop around the outside circumference of the ear, morning and evening. Never put Oregano oil in the ear canal. Older children who can tolerate the taste can be given 2-3 drops with a spoon of honey or added to juice or consommé.


Drinking More Water is a necessity: Oregano oil kills pathogens. These bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites leave toxins in the blood when they die. These toxins can cause a Herxheimer reaction, commonly known as a healing crisis, with symptoms such as fatigue, headache or flu-like symptoms. By drinking water throughout the day your body is able to flush these toxins away before symptoms can occur. Filtered water is best.

For External use:

(may be diluted 1-5x with olive oil)


Directions: Apply as is to unbroken skin. Use as often as required. For sensitive skin areas or in treating as required. For sensitive skin areas or in treating wounds or large areas dilute 1-5x with more olive oil. Test a small area first. Heat sensation is normal but should not be uncomfortable. Dilute with more olive oil if necessary. Add to shampoo for dandruff control. Add to liquid soap for a natural antimicrobial cleanser.


Oregano oil and Animals: Dogs, birds, horses, chickens and other livestock benefit from both internal and external application of Oregano oil. It can be used for any infectious or parasitic condition topically or internally. It also speeds wound healing. Dilute in more olive oil for internal and external use. Mix with food for internal use. Extreme caution must be used treating felines due to possible liver damage.


Ratio of Oregano essential oil to olive oil: Research and experience have shown that a ratio of 1 part essential oil to 4 parts olive oil is the safest and most effective formula. When using essential oils, stronger is not better. 


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